Revised January 2022
Our Missions Policy

Valley Community Church (VCC) – Our mission is to glorify Jesus Christ by reaching this world, making disciples, and serving God’s family.

Missions Policy

  1. Purpose:
    1. Missions Definition: VCC affirms the definition of missions to be any evangelistic effort outside our local congregation that seeks to fulfill the Great Commission. (Mt. 28:18-20)
    2. Emphasis: The goal of our missions effort will be evangelization of the lost by proclamation of the gospel, discipleship, teaching and maturing believers, church planting, developing church leadership, maturing and developing the local church, and translation and dissemination of Scripture.
    3. Purpose of Policy: The purpose of this policy shall be to:
      1. Provide guidelines to ensure integrity in mission policy and procedures.
      2. Provide guidance in making decisions regarding which mission endeavors to support.
      3. Maintain consistency in policy as committee membership changes.
      4. Insure good stewardship in the expenditure of missions support funds.
  1. Missionary Support Team (MST):
    1. Size and Membership: The MST shall consist of three to five members which shall include a member of the deacon board, as well as two to four church members at large. The potential church members at large shall have their names submitted to the deacon board for appointment.
    2. Term of Office: Each member at large would serve a three-year term. Ideally, one-third of the support team would be new each year. Consecutive terms are allowed.
    3. Chairperson: The chairperson will be selected annually from the MST. This individual is responsible for the proper functioning of the committee.
    4. MST Membership Expectations: Members are expected to:
      1. Attend the MST Meetings
      2. Take an active role in the decision-making process.
    5. MST Responsibilities:
      1. Pray – Encourage intercession from the congregation for world evangelism and for our missionaries receiving support.
      2. Educate – Help to educate VCC about missions and opportunities for involvement with our missionary partners.
      3. Support – Support our missionary partners spiritually, financially, and emotionally during their term of supported service. This includes encouraging VCC to be involved in our missionaries’ lives through prayer and communication.
      4. Care – Provide practical assistance to our missionaries while they are on their field, as well as care for visiting missionaries and missionaries on furlough.
      5. Evaluate – Evaluate, based on established policy, requests by individuals and organizations for financial support from VCC.
      6. Recommend – Recommend additions to or deletions from the support list to the Deacon Board for action by the congregation. Input from the congregation is solicited regarding missionaries, projects, or organizations to consider for support.
      7. Meet – Meet regularly to purposefully pray for missionaries supported by VCC, as well as to review that requested ongoing communication is being received and that the relationship is in good standing, including receipt of regular (at least quarterly) communication and receipt of the annual financial report. Reach out to any supported mission that is not in good standing. Report any item of concern to Deacon Board.
      8. Review – Regularly review and recommend updates as appropriate to the VCC Mission Policy.
      9. Submit a semi-annual report to the Board of Deacons.
  1. Selection Policies for Support Requests:
    1. Qualifications:
      1. All applicants must agree with VCC’s Confession of Faith.
      2. All applicants must have a recommendation from their present or sending church including acknowledgement of having a record of active evangelism.
      3. All applicants must demonstrate the qualities found in I Timothy 3:1-10.
      4. All applicants must be approved by and affiliated with a reputable mission agency which has been approved by the MST.
      5. All applicants must be willing to spend the time necessary at VCC to establish a meaningful relationship with VCC.
    2. Priorities: VCC recognizes that there is more need for support than a local congregation can fulfill. VCC’s current priority is evangelism, edification of believers and establishing evangelical churches (church planting).
    3.  Procedures:
      1. Any missionary seeking financial support from VCC should send the following documents to:

Valley Community Church

Attn: Mission Support Team

27435 Road 22.75

Rocky Ford, CO 81067


          1. Cover letter
          2. Resume
          3. Doctrinal Statement
          4. Philosophy of ministry
          5. Plans for specific field of ministry
          6. Letter of recommendation from their present or sending church
      1. The chairman of the MST will contact the applicant and establish a time for the applicant to meet with the MST for an interview.
      2. The MST will pray, discuss and vote on the application.
        1. If affirmed by the MST, the chairman will submit the name and proposed monetary support to the Deacon Board for affirmation and submission to the church body for approval.
          1. After approval by the Deacon board and congregation, the chairman of the MST will send the applicant a letter with the affirmation, the amount of approved support and a list of their responsibilities outlined from this document, as well as the Support Agreement Page for the applicant to sign and return.
          2. The applicant must sign and return the Support Agreement page prior to receiving support.
        2. If at any time in the process the application is not affirmed, the chairman of the MST will inform the applicant by letter of the decision.
  1. Responsibilities:
    1. Responsibility of VCC to its Supported Missionaries:
      1. Remember the missionary in prayer.
      2. Communicate on a regular basis.
      3. Educate and inform the congregation about the work of the missionary.
      4. Encourage the missionary.
      5. Help in the evaluation of the missionary as requested from their sending agency.
      6. Provide agreed upon support in a timely manner.
    2. Responsibility of the Supported Missionary to VCC:
      1. Live in a manner that brings glory to God and furthers (not hinders) the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
      2. Maintain regular communication with VCC. Expectation is that VCC would receive correspondence at least quarterly.
      3. Schedule a visit while on furlough with VCC through the MST when possible.
      4. Faithfully perform the ministry that was stated when seeking VCC support.
      5. Report any change in ministry work (i.e., location, function, focus) so that continued financial support can be approved.
      6. Provide a list of all other churches and organizations that are providing financial support.
      7. Provide a financial report annually.
      8. Agree to not actively solicit additional support from individuals or groups within VCC.
  1. Financial Policies
    1. Annual Budget – The MST shall prepare an annual budget each year which is to be submitted to the Deacon Board for review, approval and recommendation to the church membership.
    2. Monetary Support – The amount of support will be determined by the MST based upon the need described and documented, and the input from other support partners.
    3. Timing of Support – Support will be given as needed for short term projects and on a monthly basis for full time missionaries. Support will begin for full time missionaries within one month of approval for the mission project.
    4. Changes – If a supported missionary experiences a change in their ministry, their location or the mission agency they are affiliated with, the MST will immediately re-evaluate its commitment. VCC is requesting advance notice of any significant changes in the ministry of the missionary.
    5. Ministry Evaluation – Each supported mission will be evaluated and support re-assessed as appropriate, but at a minimum every four years.
    6. Support Termination – Support may be adjusted or terminated in any of the following situations:
        1. The missionary ceases to be active in the field of ministry presented for support, or the original ministry supported undergoes a change.
        2. The missionary becomes disqualified due to immoral conduct, mishandling of finances, deviations in doctrine, or other serious issue that would hinder their ministry.
        3. Full support is obtained through other sources.
        4. Based on ongoing evaluation or church circumstances, VCC determines that a change or termination is appropriate.